Official Countdown to NYIGF: 1 DAY!!!!  We can hardly even believe it.  The past few months of planning and preparing for the launch of SWAK X USA have been a whirlwind, filled with laughter, lots of late nights working, a little bit of stress (ok, maybe a lot) and more snacks than you can imagine.  When we first started planning to launch SWAK X USA, we decided that NYIGF (New York International Gift Fair) would be a great launching point.  And with its opening on Saturday, we will FINALLY be able to share some of the jeweled goodness that SWAK X has had going on in South Africa since 2009.  We will be introducing 6 different collections of jewelry: 4 collections of necklaces, a collection of bracelets and a collection just for kiddos.   SWAK X USA will also be carrying a product called Wrist2Hair (W2H), an elastic bracelet adorned with a bauble that can also be worn in the hair (we know that all of you practical gals will be just as obsessed with it’s multifunction use as we are!). 
Kate and I will both be attending the NYIGF, along with the creator of SWAK X, Liora.  But what we are beyond excited about, is the other three women that will be attending with SWAK X.  Three of the ladies that are employed by SWAK X (that make this incredible jewelry that we get to sell) will be attending with us.  Through the combined generosity of some of our supporters, and the success of SWAK X in South Africa, enough money has been raised to sponsor these ladies’ trip to New York.  This will not only be the first time to the United States for these women, but also their first time on an airplane.  We are excited, they are excited, and we hope that you are excited too!  It is opportunities like this that SWAK X was created to provide.  We are confident that SWAK X will not only continue it’s success in the United States, but will thrive here. 
We will be posting updates of our experience at NYIGF and pictures of our booth, our products, our ladies….and maybe even our snacks.  So be prepared.  

Sorry that it has taken us so long to get XOXO up and running, but we PROMISE to keep you guys updated.  We cannot wait to share more of our experience with you!!
Kristen + Kate

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